Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brave Little Survivor

"In wilderness, I sense the miracle of life
and behind it, our scientific accomplishments
fade to trivia."
~ Charles A. Lindbergh

Brave Little Survivor
Rufous Hummingbird
See more about this painting here.

Today's painting's reference photo was taken on March 26th at the Palmyra Cove Nature Center at the foot of the Tacony-Palmyra bridge on the Delaware River. There I witnessed a very rare occurrence - A young Rufous Hummingbird that wintered here in Southern NJ! She showed up at the nature center shortly after Superstorm Sandy and it was believed she may have been blown off course because of the storm. ( In the olden days, they weren't even seen east of the Mississippi.) I thought it was a hoax and had to go see for myself! So at the spur of the moment, I took a field trip over there. She hangs out around the center. I spent some time visiting and shooting her. What a ham! She is quite famous. She was very used to people and seemed to like my company. What fun! 

Yesterday I visited the nature center again, as I had an appointment with the gallery curator about having a solo show of my work there in April of 2014. After my meeting, I watched and waited, but was disappointed that I didn't see the little Rufous Hummingbird again. Perhaps she has moved on and will resume her 'normal' migration habits from here on in. I will keep her in my thoughts and wish her well on her arduous journeys.

The weather here has been totally crazy. It was almost 85 degrees here the past two days! Good thing my horse groomer came on Monday to give my wooly 33 yr. old horse, Rudy, a body clip! He's much cooler (in more ways than one) now. He looks and feels 20 years younger and it seems, just in the nick of time for summer!

Rembrandt, aka: Rudy - after his full body clip 4-8-13

In other news: On Saturday afternoon, I was enjoying a beautiful day here in the pines with my horses, Rita and  Rudy. They both got a grooming, lots of TLC and a ride. It was all really nice except for two old WWII biplanes that kept circling again and again directly overhead, zooming in really low. Amazingly, it bothered me more than the horses. The pilots had been at it for hours and it was really getting annoying. They fly real low, just above the tree line and those old things are so loud, everything seems to vibrate.

Come to find out later, the forest service was doing some controlled burning nearby and it got out of control! By the end of my second ride, a thick layer of smoke had settled over everything. Fortunately they finally managed to get it under control, but there was a short period of pre-panic when we realized that there was a possibility that we may have to evacuate. Geez, I really felt like a heel. There I was, getting aggravated about the planes and they were working hard to save the forest and our house!

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there and reading my newsy post.  I hope all is well in your world and you are enjoying this winter/spring/summer weather. As always, I really appreciate your comments.

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