Friday, April 19, 2013

Flea Bitten Grey Horse Portrait ~ SOLD ~

"The wind of heaven is that which blows
between a horse's ears."
~ Arabian Proverb

Flea Bitten Grey


I started this painting yesterday morning and thought I had it finished by dinner time. Then I fussed around with it again today. It started out being a chestnut color Morgan but kept changing and evolving until it turned into this flea bitten (a horsey color term) grey Arabian. Go figure! I'm blaming it on the Yupo paper and on my inquisitive "what if?" attitude. More often than not lately, my paintings seem to have a mind of their own. I just try to go with the flow and give it what it needs and wants. Does that make any sense? Does it ever happen to you?

 I hope you are enjoying nice weather in your neck of the woods. I'll be going into Philadelphia tomorrow to meet with a couple of friends, do lunch and visit the art museum. I can almost feel the much needed cultural enrichment already! Thanks for coming by. Happy Spring to you and have a great weekend.

Hugs and Nickers,
and the horses

"In my opinion, a horse is the animal to have.

Eleven-hundred pounds of raw muscle,

power, grace, and sweat between your legs.
It's something you just can't get from a pet hamster."
~ Unknown


  1. That is fabulous Sandy. I love the amber eyed speckeled grey Arab with all the auras around her!

    1. Hey Willow thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments! It is most appreciated. :)


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