Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today's Experiment ~ A Looser Direct Approach to Watercolor

"With experimentation
comes surprise and discovery."
~ Kim Lee Kho

Today's larger watercolor was painted directly on Yupo paper with transparent watercolor without any preliminary pencil lines or even a rough thumbnail sketch. For the past year, since I shattered my ankle last April Fool's Day, I have painted primarily smaller works while seated. Today, while standing and painting larger, I rediscovered a whole body, dance like rhythm that's more freeing and relaxing. I don't think I could have done this same painting while seated.

I'm fairly happy with it, but I have a dilemma.

Do I leave it as is?

11.5  x 14.5"  ~ 16" x 20" Matted size


Or should I add a little more to it? (foliage and/or vase, more pink and blue flowers in the upper left and/or lower right, etc.?)  I could go back in. It's easy enough to do on Yupo, unlike traditional cotton rag watercolor paper. Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop though. I'm always hearing that little voice saying; "less is more".

Cropped to 12" x 16" matted size

Or do I just crop it and move on?

I'm seeking the help of some of you awesome artists out there! Lately the feeling of isolation from other creative types is starting to get me down. Your camaraderie and suggestions for improving this piece would go a long way in cheering me up. Thanks for your time and input in advance. I love you guys. You know who you are!

P.S. I hate to be a pain, but I'm also looking for suggestions for a title for this one.

X ♥ O


  1. Definitely feels less reserved than your smaller pieces, and I like it in the bigger format. Do feel it would benefit from a little more "weight" at the bottom: vase, more foliage on the right hand side, another hummer? I've always painted on a table with my paper on an angle. Guess that's from no formal training! I, too, can appreciate the isolation of art. About nine years ago I took a part-time job when I found myself asking the nasty cat questions about composition! Quit that job, but now find teaching and the internet a great way to connect with people. If you'd like to come paint with me some time, I have a nice screened in back porch. Unfortunately I only get one or two hummers! Oh, and as for title - "Dining Al Fresco". You're an inspiration to all in the dedication you have to your art.

    1. What a nice reply to my plea for help Diane! Your words and expression of friendship comfort and inspire me. Thank you very much! I will take you up on your offer to come out to your place. I really need some artist friends right now. It definitely will help to round out my life and hopefully I can help round out yours. Thanks for your thoughtful critique as well. I also love your title suggestion. So cute! I really appreciate you opinions and insights. Thanks again for commenting and reaching out to me here! Hugs, Sandy

  2. Whatever you decide, it has to be YOUR decision alone! It's beautiful no matter what you do next! Interesting that a new position created a whole new outlook on the piece. I've been thinking a lot lately about how my previous experiences come back to influence the present piece that I'm working on.

    1. Dear Katherine - I can always count on you to provide succinct and thought provoking feedback! You must be a very inspiring teacher. And you are right, only I can decide which direction to take with this piece. I am no closer to a decision than I was when I wrote this post, but it is always nice to hear other viewpoints before coming to a final decision. One of my favorite parts of Art School was the critiques. I learned so much from them. Although my feelings of isolation can get me down sometimes, it is nice to know that there are some like minded individuals out there in cyberspace that I can always connect to. Thank you so much for responding and for being a very special friend! xo Sandy

  3. Good Morning Sandy...Yes, I've been missing in action, getting ready for my move, but I knew I had to stop in today to see what you've been up to. I love this painting exactly the way it is. It's full of heart and color...very feminine...and I can see it hanging in a bedroom. What to name it? The first thing that came to mind is "Ruby's Grace." Just a few thoughts shared with you my Sister/Friend. :)

    I hope all is well with you and your hubby...I continue to keep you both in my prayertime. Have a lovely weekend and by the way...I love the horse paintings too. I'm not a horse lover but I love their beauty and strength. I've had a few unpleasant experiences with them but we'll save that for another day, lol.

    Stay Safe Beloved One!

    1. Dear Akasa - I hope the packing for your move is going well. I'm sure you will bloom where ever you are planted dear heart! Thanks as always for your help and input here and beyond. "Jerry Jerry :) " and I went to Will's Eye Retina Center for his 1 month checkup last Friday. The Dr. was impressed with his improvement and said he has seen only a very few cases like his get any better, let alone come as far as he has with his sight's improvement in a month! Thanks for all your prayers and positive healing energy! It is felt and appreciated! xo Sandy & Jerry

  4. Oh my goodness! I've got happy tears flowing here...this is awesome news! :) Going to have to do a candle lighting and thank Great Spirit for the improvement and ongoing healing! Yeah!
    I think you just made my day, lol...

    Holding you both close to my heart and as always in my prayers.

    1. Thanks for your continued prayers and healing rituals. We are both very lucky to have you on our team!! Have a wonderful day Akasa! xo Sandy & Jerry


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