Monday, July 15, 2013

Sizzling Summer Sunflower

"Chase down your passion
like it's the last bus of the night."
~ Terri Guillemets

Sizzling Sunflower

7.5" x 5.5" hand painted watercolor on Yupo paper
A.F. Double Mat w/ Backing in sleeve - 8" x 10"
Signed and certified by the artist
See purchase information here.

A photo of the above painting in progress.

Here, the background was approached differently.
It was applied with a 3" roller, then over painted with thick pigment.

I really like today's quote. As time hurries on, it seems as though I have to run ever faster and harder to catch that speeding bus! It's even a recurring dream I've had since childhood. I think all my marathon chasing is starting to pay off though. 

I'll be doing a drawing and painting demonstration at the Hammonton Arts Center during the town's Third Thursday Event on September 19th and also have drawing classes and a Watercolor On Yupo Workshop scheduled there for the fall. I'll post more details here as soon as the dates are confirmed.

I'm planning on going up to NYC next week to do my dry run for my grand opening demonstration. I'll meet with Marc from Legion Papers and then go to check out the Dick Blick Store where I'll be demonstrating Painting on Yupo Paper on August 22nd.

This set up is working out well.  I'm using the laptop to view lessons online
and the desktop computer to follow along and do the work in Dreamweaver.

The online website course from Timothy Training is going well and I'm more than half way through it. I've started to organize 15+ years of online / website files and feel pretty confident that it will soon all start to come together. It feels good to finally be making some headway in that department.

Jerry and I are busier than ever taking care of the businesses, our place, the horses, the cats, the wildlife and the hummingbirds. We are going through about a gallon and a half of nectar every day now. I guess we have used about 40 lbs. or more of sugar so far this season. It's kind of hard to calculate though, because the sneaky sugar industry changed from 5lb. bags to 4lb. bags this year. I guess they thought nobody would notice! That reminds me, I'd better go and check those hummingbird feeders. I forgot to fill them at lunch time and I'm sure they are empty.

I hope your summer is going well and you have found a way to stay cool!
 Tell us what you've been up to!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sandy, your sizzling sunflower is gorgeous!!!
    And I agree with you about the sugar cartels.

    1. Hey Kathryn, thanks for the nice comment and yes, this is getting ridiculous - The quantities of our foods keep shrinking and the prices keep going up. They must think we are stupid. :-(

  2. Gorgeous art; gorgeous quote! Both fit the bill today....

    1. Thanks Mrs. D.! (Or is it Mrs.D.M. ? ) Glad you like it! :-D


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