Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunny Summer Sunflower on Yupo Paper

"The first week of August hangs
at the very top of summer,
the top of the live-long year,
like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel
when it pauses in its turning."
~ Natalie Babbitt


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The weather here has finally cooled off a bit and we haven't had any rain for two whole days! The summer is speeding by faster than ever. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is the first day of August. The past couple of months have been a very busy and happy time for me. 

In addition to my demo at the Dick Blick Grand Opening event scheduled for 2 - 4 pm on August 22nd in NY, NY, I'll be doing the Third Thursday Art Demonstration at the Arts Center in downtown Hammonton, NJ on August 15th from 7- 9 pm.  It's Yippee For Yupo - with a Hot, Hot, Hot Salsa theme! It's a free demo and salsa tasting event. What a great combo! Open to the public, it is sure to be a fun and entertaining evening. Hope to see some of you local people there.

I will also be holding a Yippee For Yupo - Watercolor Painting on Yupo Paper Class - at the Hammonton Arts Center every Saturday during the month of September. Participants will discover a looser, more forgiving way to work in watercolor. This fun class will be a  jump start to watercolor for beginners and can add excitement and variety to the skill set of more accomplished painters. I will provide a link as soon as class information is posted on their website.

Below are a couple of the work-in-progress shots I took while painting "Sunny Summer Days".

First a background wash was added, wet- into - wet.

The second step - adding the stem and petals.

And a little tidbit unrelated to art - Yesterday I placed 36th out of 10,000 entries in a slot tournament at Borgota Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. My prize was $150. in slot dollars.
Not that exciting of a prize, but Jerry and I were very pleased with my placing! 

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. I look forward to your comments and truly appreciate every single one! 

X ♥  O


  1. Sandy, it sounds like you are having a great time and good success with your art. CONGRADULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you!
    I love your interpretation of the sunflower - so joyful.
    I agree - summer is speeding by MUCH too quickly.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Kathryn! I always appreciate your thoughts and kind words! You are a gem. ox Sandy

  2. Boy things are going well. Can you get any busier? You were due a turn around and I'm so happy for you because I know you thrive on this stuff. Even a win in a Slots Tournament. Thought that was Jerry's gig? I'm planning to come to the Arts Center demo in Hammonton. I'll look up where it's located. Don't think I'll be doing the big apple. Good thing Jerry retired so there's not as much outside for you to do. LOL Bobbie

    1. Hey Bobbie - Thanks for your comments here. I am glad you are coming to the demo. It will be fun ... and there's salsa tasting too! Hugs, Sandy


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