Friday, July 26, 2013

Hello New York City!

On Wednesday, I took an Amtrak Train from Trenton NJ into New York City to meet with the folks who are sponsoring my painting demonstration on Yupo paper in Chelsea next month. It was quite an exciting ART ADVENTURE! The BIG APPLE has changed quite a bit in the past fifteen years since my last visit to the David Letterman Show. I took my point and shoot so I could share some snaps with you.

Coming out of Penn Station,
I stepped into a dreamlike alien world.

Honking cabs, whistles blowing, heavy traffic,
people shouting, commotion and noise
from every direction.

From inside the cab, everything seemed
to be in fast motion, except the traffic of course.

Looking for something familiar,
I was momentarily comforted by this sign.

The conference room at Legion Paper in the
impressive 11 Madison Ave. building housed
many displays of the art and specialty papers
they represent and distribute.

I met with the VP of Marketing,
Marc Shotland, and was given
the Legion Paper grand tour.

Corey Ginsburg, Marc Shotland
and Jon Kaufman
escorted me by foot to the new
Dick Blick Store at 6th Ave. & 20th St..

The store looks small from the outside,
but is awesome and ginormous downstairs.
It's an artist's Mecca - every art supply
you can possibly imagine and then some.

We met with Steven Shutler, the store
manager. I gave him plenty of my new
postcards and business cards to hand
out and two of my framed Yupo paintings
to use in the store window display.

We picked out the supplies I will use for my
demonstration on Thursday, August 22nd. I
am looking forward to trying out the Dick Blick
Watercolors. I have used their acrylics in the past
which were of very high quality.

After being treated to a wonderful lunch,
I strolled around the Chelsea area on my own,
just taking in the sites. I liked this shiny new
cute pair of scooters.

And of course I had to stop by the doggie day
care window. I guess these guys were having
a time out. The whippet was being bad and was
chewing on the fence.

These two looked like seasoned veterans and
seemed rather bored with the whole day care scene.

It started to get hot and my feet
were getting tired, so I headed
back to the train station a bit early
to wait in air conditioning.

All in all, it was a really great trip. The guys at Legion Paper treated me so well, I felt like a celebrity.The trial run proved to be so beneficial before my big day next month. After all my fear of the unknown anxiety, it really was A PIECE OF CAKE!

So if anyone reading this is in the NYC area, come see my Yupo painting demonstration at 650 6th Ave. NY, NY, 10011 on Thursday, August 22nd, from 2 - 4pm. It's the new Dick Blick Store's Grand Opening Event and there will be lots of great deals and giveaways! Yippee for Yupo! (pronounced You-Poe) It's 
an exciting, looser, more forgiving way to work with watercolor!
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great weekend!

X ♥  O


  1. Sandy, I would LOVE to see you do your demo in New York. I wish you all the very best with it!!! And I so enjoyed your post about the Big Apple, and your tour at Legion and Dick Blick!

    1. As always, thanks so much for your input here, Kathryn. I really appreciate your friendship and wishes of luck. I sure wish we lived closer!

  2. Sandy this is fabulous! What a trip!Congrats on being in the thick of all things fun and arty- Yupo is a really intriguing paper to use!

    1. Hey Mary thank you for your congratulations and for commenting here. I would really love to see what you could do with Yupo! I bet the results would be awesome.


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