Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do You Believe in Mermaids? ~ Legend # 24 of 30

"Over the centuries,
 we have transformed the ancient myths and folk tales
and made them into the fabric of our lives.
Consciously and unconsciously we weave the
narratives of myth and folk tale into our daily existence."
~ Jack Zipes

Mermaids are legendary aquatic creatures with the upper body of a woman and the torso of a fish. Stories of mermaids have been around for thousands of years and appear in the ancient stories and folklore of many cultures, including Native North Americans. It has been said that the human-animal hybrid symbolizes ancient man's understanding that we are both one with and different from the animals that we share the planet with. 

This is yesterday's painting that I didn't quite finish in time to post. I've included some photos of the painting matted and framed below. 

#24 of 30 -
Myths, Fables, Folk Tales and Legends

Mermaid Dream

4" x 6" original hand painted watercolor on Yupo paper
Acid-free Mat w/ Backing in sleeve - 5" x 7"
Signed and certified by the artist.

Painting Options

This little painting would look precious on a wall or setting on a shelf or desk. It would make a most memorable gift. Could you do me a favor and give me a little feedback? Do you like it in the double mat or the black one better?

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