Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Here We Go Again! ~ Kokopelli Magic ~ SOLD

“Myth must be kept alive.
The people who can keep it alive
are the artists of one kind or another.”
~Joseph Campbell

Kokopelli's Magic

Kokopelli is a hunch backed, flute playing, Native North American cultural spirit dating back to about 600-800 AD. He chases away winter with song and dance and ushers in spring and fertility.

For the second time this year, I've taken on Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge! Last January, my theme was watercolor paintings on Yupo paper based on quotes about trees. I am happy to have completed all thirty pieces plus a few extras in the first challenge and hope to be able to do the same again this month. I got lots of support from all my friends in January, so of course I'm hoping you'll all be here cheering me on once again.

Your emails, calls, comments here and on facebook really help keep my fire stoked. I am really excited about my theme this month! I've got so many ideas, my head is spinning. I started three ideas today and settled on an old favorite, 'cause I was running out of painting time after all my research and drawing.

Spotlight ... Drumroll .... And ... This month's theme is ...
Myths, Fables, Folk Tales and Legends

You know, just about everybody loves a good story and I'm no exception. Fables, myths, folk tales and legends have a lot in common and I've painted my fair share of them over the years. These short, traditional stories, from cultures all around the world were originally passed on by word of mouth. Aesop and others used humanized animal characters to convey stories with a moral and many of these have roots in ancient civilizations which date back thousands of years. Most involve supernatural beings and events and are widely regarded as being true or at least having some elements of truth. Some myths involve fictitious humans, but a considerable amount of legends feature characters from real life which evolved over time from true historical events, usually with colorful and unauthenticated details. Unnatural monsters that appear to have no real agenda other than ravaging the countryside have also been around for countless centuries. 

There is such a variety of stories and there are so many great ones! I hope to depict some of your favorites and introduce you to a few that I discover (via the magic box) on my challenging and exciting journey this month. If you'd like to send me some requests, they'll also be considered!

Thanks so much for your friendship,
emails and comments!

X ♥  O

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