Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pegasus and Flying Horses - - Legend # 25 of 30

"If you take myth and folklore,
and these things that speak in symbols,
 they can be interpreted in so many ways
that although the actual image is clear enough,
the interpretation is infinitely blurred,
a sort of enormous rainbow of every
possible colour you could imagine."
~ Diana Wynne Jones

The winged, divine stallion, Pegasus is probably the most popular creature in Greek Mythology. Symbolic of spiritual power, he was sired by Poseidon, aiding Zeus and others in their godly quests. Dreaming of riding a flying white horse is considered a good omen and has been linked to success, prosperity, pleasure, power and freedom.

This is today's painting for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. I've included some photos of the painting matted and framed below. 

#25 of 30
Myths, Fables, Folk Tales and Legends

Flying Horses

4" x 6" original hand painted watercolor on Yupo paper
Acid-free Mat w/ Backing in sleeve - 5" x 7"
Signed and certified by the artist.

Painting Options

This little painting would look sweet on a shelf or desk
and would make an unforgettable lifetime gift. 

Do you like it in the double mat or the blue one better?

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