Monday, January 20, 2014

Butterfly ~ Symbol of Transformation and Self-Fulfillment

"The four steps of transformation;
symbolized by the egg (idea),
larvae (research),
cocoon (development) and
adult butterfly (new reality)
are constantly taking
place in our lives."

Butterfly Spirit ~ Joyful Evolution
Day 20

Joy ~ Involvement ~ Change ~ Growth

8.5 x 6.5" Hand Painted Watercolor on Yupo Paper
Matted and Framed to 10" x 8"

Painting Options

First Step - Paint the eyes (and wings).
Because I wanted the butterfly darker than the
background, I started with medium to dark mid-tones.

Second Step  - More dark mid-tone areas added.

Third StepThe background wash was added.

Fourth Step -
The painting was finished by
adding the calligraphy, lifting a little pigment
here and there and adding a few darks and darker mid-tones.

Butterfly Spirit -  Full frame/ Uncropped

Tip of the day:
Here's my set-up for today. You can see I have everything at my finger tips. I've found that when working on Yupo paper, it's good to work on top of a paper towel so the pigment doesn't pool up at the edges. I'm also using several small (plastic take-out) water dishes. The shallow dishes are good for keeping the water below the top of the ferrel. By keeping the water separate for color families, it looks prettier and I can keep going longer without changing the water. It's also important to have one or two different kinds of candy handy. (Note the big bag of red hots.)

Painting set-up for watercolor on Yupo paper.

Thanks again for all the comments from old friends and new!
I hope you are having a joyful day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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