Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cat ~ Symbol of Self-Confidence and Independence ~ SOLD

"Cats are the masters of versatility,
adaptability and extremes."

Cat Spirit ~ Mysterious Intelligence
Day 9

Independence  ~  Curiosity  ~  Healing  ~  Magic

8.5 x 6.5" Hand Painted Watercolor on Yupo Paper
Matted and Framed to 10" x 8"


"With their qualities of cleanliness, discretion,
affection, patience, dignity, and courage,
how many of us, I ask you, would be
capable of becoming cats?"
~ Fernand Mery

“In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods;
they have not forgotten this.”
~ Terry Pratchett

Today is day nine! Tomorrow we are 1/3 of the way through
the 30/30 painting challenge. I was hoping to keep these little paintings simple, but it seems my muse has other plans. This one took way longer than I anticipated. Ugh!

See you back here tomorrow for #10!
How's everybody holding up? 

X ♥  O

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