Monday, January 27, 2014

Goat ~ Symbol of Strong Foundations and Flexibility

“That which yields is not always weak.”
~ Jacqueline Carey

Goat Spirit ~ New Perspectives
Day 27
Agility ~ Confidence ~ Growth ~ Balance

As promised yesterday, here's a few in-progress shots
 for today's painting.

First Step - Paint the eyes.
 I re-painted this eye several times.
Goat's pupils are oblong rectangles,
enabling them to see at a 330 degree angle.
(We humans see about 185 degrees.)

Second Step -
Paint in light and medium mid-tones wet into wet.

Third Step -
The background swirls were added with thick juicy pigment.

Goat Spirit -  Full frame/ Uncropped
The painting was finished by blending, lifting and tickling

areas of pigment with a damp brush and adding a few
darker mid-tones and some line work to the goat.

I've been staying of-line, trying to get caught up because
I still want to repost day one. Today I painted the eye
of the animal I want to use for the first day.
Can you guess what it will be?

I just want to thank Leslie Saeta and say how much this 30 in 30 challenge has honed my skills once again. It has in no way been easy though! I am totally lucky to have a very supportive husband who has been chipping in and doing more than his fair share around here. I see a dramatic difference in my work over the past month and in the work of all my online friends doing the 30/30 who are also pushing their limits and dedicated to improving their craft. You all rock! As Crystal Cook would say, Huzzah! (Or something like that!)

I hope you are having a an awesomely productive day!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments. It means so much!
I will get over to check out your blogs soon, I promise.

X ♥  O

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