Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Fun -Talk Like A Pirate (Day 18)

"Creative ideas flourish best in a shop 
which preserves some spirit of fun. 
Nobody is in business for fun, 
but that does not mean there 
cannot be fun in business." 
~ Leo Burnett

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Talk Like A Pirate Day!~~~~~~~~~~~~
Alcohol Inks and Watercolor on Yupo paper

Tomorrow, September 19th, is 
International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy! The point of talkin' like a pirate, is well, that there really is no point in it matey; except that it be loads of fun!  Aye!! It be one of me favorite 'olidays! It be the one day of the year that all ye swashbuckling landlubbers can shiver yer timbers and practice yer piratude! So tomorrow, be sure to raise a mug of grog and make a toast to yer Jolly Roger, me hearties! Aye Aye, Cap'n Happy an' yers truly will be doin' our best to spread the pirate lingo and jollification everywhere we go; at home, at work, on the phone and to every scurvy dog we meet. So listen up buccaneers and wenches, brush up on yer pirate lingo or be a bilge rat and walk the plank! Aarrr!

an' Cap'n Happy

Cap'n Happy says, "Speak the lingo, or walk the plank! Aarrrgh!"

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