Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wisdom (Day 28)

"Be Happy.
It's one way of being wise.”  
~ Colette

~~~~~~~~Rich Counsels in the Trees~~~~~~~~
Alcohol Inks and Watercolor on Yupo paper

"Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another." 
~ Juvenal Satires

"Mothers, teach your children this. Teach your children that Wisdom is everywhere. In pieces. Some of the Wisdom is in the trees, some of the Wisdom is with the animals. Some of the Wisdom is with the planets and the stars and the moons and the sun. Some of the Wisdom flows with the waters. Some of the Wisdom was with our ancestors. Some of the Wisdom is in our minds. All of the Wisdom is from the Spirit of God." ~ Esther Davis-Thompson

To sum it up, wisdom is everywhere. The important thing is being able to learn something valuable, while letting go of the things that have no worth in our lives. True Wisdom is knowing the difference.
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