Friday, September 5, 2014

Keeping A Diary (Day 5)

"Painting is just another way 
of keeping a diary." 
~ Pablo Picasso

~~~~~~~~~~Believe In Magic~~~~~~~~~~
Alcohol Inks and Watercolor on Yupo paper
See painting specifications and price here.

I love how this little crow painting came alive with the addition of the alcohol ink background! It's one of my favorites in this 30 in 30 "Colorful Cosmic Combos" series, so far.  I think the alcohol inks are "doing their thing" and are giving more depth and dimention to the work. Yeah alcohol inks, watercolor and Yupo!

Fall seems to bring the crows to the forefront here at The Sandarosa. They all but disappear after fledging their young in the late spring. Then, as soon as my hummers start leaving, the crows start to come back. I love hearing their calls when I'm outside. They have such an unusual language and spell-binding repertoire. I always feel that whenever crow appears, it's a message from Spirit and that there is some good protection and magic about.

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