Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blessed By Angels

I'm sitting here on my screened porch sipping my coffee and watching the new arrivals at my hummingbird feeders. Oh my gosh! I just saw my first female! They are usually a week or two behind the males, but there's my first lady, glistening in the sunlight in all her iridescent beauty, only a few days later than the guys. So far, they all look in really good shape too, not thin and travel weary like some years. With the temperatures here being unseasonably warm the next few days, (in the 90's), I'm expecting even more travelers to show up shortly. I get such immense pleasure from my little jewels! I've missed them tremendously and am rejoicing about their return.

"Against All Odds"

16" x 20" ~ Double - Matted and Framed
silver level ~ original watercolor ~ $399.00

Because they can travel more than 3,000 miles two times a year,
hummingbirds are symbolic of accomplishing that which seems impossible.

Learn about how to attract and care for your own little earth angels by going to my Hummingbird Pages and my Squidoo Lens. People don't call me the "hummingbird master" for nothin'!


  1. Hi, Sandy - Lovely painting! I'm home before the hummingbirds, but they will be here soon. I saw them in Arizona and New Mexico, and now they are in NJ, so I'd better clean and fill the feeders today! What a beautiful painting. It was great to talk to you yesterday, too. xoxo

  2. Beautiful, Sandy. I can't believe the hummingbirds are out already! We're 90 degrees here.. So far, I've just seen mosquitoes :-)


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