Saturday, April 4, 2009

Katie The KindHeart

When I went to the Burlington County Animal Shelter on Tuesday, I met all kinds of cats and dogs. None of them stood out like Katie, #d-26335. She is a nine year old Golden Retriever. Although her situation is grim, Katie "looks on the bright side of life". :-D She was a perfect model and lady. When I took her picture she wagged her tail and smiled with cooperation. She was clean and fluffy as she had just been groomed by the kids at a nearby school. What a wonderful spirit and ambassador for homeless pets! I thought to myself; "Now, here is the perfect NO HASSLE pet! What a sweetheart!" I can imagine Katie in her new home with little children pouring their affections over her. If I was a dog, I'd like to be a Golden Retriever, at least that's what the quiz I took said I'd be. What breed would you be? Go to "Art For Shelter Animals" and see my first post as a team member and the pencil portrait I just did of Katie.

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  1. She is a dear, and your portrait of her is beautiful. I hope she finds a loving home soon. Liz


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