Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Molly The Mastiff Mix

A few posts back, I featured Molly, the Mastiff Mix ID # D-23899 at the Burlington County Animal Shelter. At that time, I did a sketch of what I thought her three quarter profile might look like. From the photos on petfinder.com, I thought she may be part Labrador Retriever, a popular designer dog called a Mastador. She may be, but boy was my drawing way off! When I visited last Tuesday, I took pictures of this impressive, powerful guard dog mix. Today I finished an oil painting of Molly. She was sweet as can be, but I must admit a bit intimidating. And in this day and age, with crime on the rise, that's certainly not a bad thing! Mastiffs were bred as far back as 3000 BC and have proved themselves through the ages as fearless defenders of personal safety and property. She would be a perfect match for someone strong and physically fit. She's a big dog with a lot of heart in a beautiful, sleek, powerful package. Go to Art For Shelter Animals to see my portrait of Molly.

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