Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Perfect Ride

This morning Betsy and I put Rudy and Rita into the trailer and went down to the forest to ride. Things just couldn't have been more perfect! There was a breeze that kept the bugs away and the temperature was most comfortable. There wasn't another soul around, so today we had the whole heavily forested area covering 1.1 million acres called the Pinelands National Reserve to ourselves. And that's just the way Rudy, Rita, Betsy and I like it! A great start to a season of rides in the NJ Pine Barrens.

Rita wasn't in the photo shoot mood. You can see she's pretty well shed out, with just a little fuzz still left on her belly.

Rudy and Betsy are the best buddies. I think Rudy sees her and our rides as just a great big treat event. I see he's licking his lips here in this shot.


  1. Rita looks lovely - a beautiful coat! Glad you had a good day.

  2. what beautiful horses! How lucky are you!

  3. Good to hear from you Emily and Sheila! Thanks for your friendship! Hugs, Sandy

  4. What bliss! sounds like a great day, and Rudy and Rita are beautiful!


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