Sunday, April 3, 2011

Body Clipping By SnapDragon Stables

My 31 year TB/Paint, Rudy, is one of those horses that looks like a Shetland Pony even after wearing a heavy blanket all winter long. Each year, his coat gets longer and thicker and it takes forever to shed out, despite his daily medication for Cushing's Disease. The past few years, he suffered with near heat stroke during those heat waves we experienced here on the East Coast. Two weeks ago, I decided to Google "body clipping in Southern NJ". Boy, we really lucked out when SnapDragon Stables came up in the search! Their prices are very reasonable, they are experienced horse owners and are only a few miles from my place!
Here's a photo of my good friend Betsy (his 2nd rider) and Rudy a month ago. He looks like a big fuzzy bear. Look at those stumpy legs!

The 16H Shetland, before the makeover.

Ginger and Lauren went right to work uncovering the horse beneath the hair.

OMG - His legs still have a shape! It was like getting a brand new horse.

The time goes quickly as the transformation continues.

If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I'd swear it was a different animal!!

Here's a photo of the horse I used to know! Just look at that big bucket of hair he was hiding under!

We've had some wintery weather since the clipping, but rest assured, he is kept warm. He's got three blankets on in this photo.

I was so happy with the great job the girls did, the next day they came back and I got Rita body clipped too. Not nearly as dramatic, but will save me a lot of work.

Lauren and Ginger, thank you for a GREAT job and for a shed-free, allergy and maintenance reduced riding season!!! We all give you a stellar recommendation!

Here's a photo of Betsy and Rudy last week with the new spring/summer look.

Happy Happy Shed-Free Spring!!


  1. He looks awesome! I can't believe that's the same horse. I love the look of a clipped horse, especially a dark bay with a hunter clip. I LOVE the SnapDragon Stables logo too:)

  2. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest 16H "shetland" I've ever seen! What a really cool transformation. I love it when they shed (or get clipped) out of their winter woolies. It's like a nice little present every spring :)


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