Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hummingbirds Are Coming!

I awoke last night from a vivid dream. The hummingbirds just kept coming to me. At first just one, then another, and another, and another. Where were the feeders? They were buzzing all around my house and all around the shepherd's hooks where I hang the feeders. Little dark flashes of green with a splash of bright red kept streaking past my immediate and peripheral vision. They were flying back and forth in front of my windows. They were hitting the glass with their bodies and making loud squeaking noises with their tails like they do when they are courting the ladies. I know they have been spotted in our area by the Migration Map, so I took the dream seriously and got my first feeder up this afternoon.

It looks kinda lonely, but in a month, the whole yard will be alive. Look at the Butterfly Bushes now, just starting to bud in the background here. I cut them back about a month ago.

If anyone would like more information on attracting, caring for and feeding hummingbirds, go to my Squidoo Lens; Five Steps To Happy Hummers. Don't delay! Now is the time to get your Hummingbird Haven set up!


  1. Darn, I left this huge comment and then it said there was an error!

    I have the same feeder, put it on on April 1st just in case. I check that migration map daily:)

  2. What a cool blog. Start from the top - yes, I was amazed to see 2 hummingbirds zipping around last week. Your horse's transformation photos were great. And the painting in honor of the equinox was beautiful - so colorful! I just noticed you're in southern N.J. Pretty country, I spent a summer there one year in Hohokus, and loved it.


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