Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Sure Happens Fast Anymore!

I was astounded to see how much my Lily of the Valley had grown in only five days!

Compare this shot with the one I took and posted here last Thursday! Wow, if you are not alert, you could miss it all! That's why I love my pocket camera. Just like drawing, it really makes you look at things.

The tulips didn't last long after a couple of 80 degree days.

Just discovered this - FYI - Although it has been used for medicinal purposes, the flowers, fruit, and leaves of the Lily of the Valley plant are highly poisonous. If someone you know has eaten any parts, call 911.  (If the plant is touched or handled, hands should be washed before doing anything else. - Good to know.)

The Butterfly Bushes in the background are filling out fast.

Wanted to show you my other giant wind sock from Dorrie and Dave that I just put up today. I was taking a picture of it from my kitchen window, when

Hey wait! What's that? Look who came to check things out!

A Rose-breasted Grosbeak is a rare visitor to our yard. Like the hummingbirds, they migrate to the tropics in the fall. This handsome guy stayed for quite a while and ate seeds from Jerry's plate feeder.

Look at the massive jaws and top raised bump (or nose) on his beak. He reminds me of a parrot. Notice the red feathers peaking out from under his wing! I saw them when he flew away, but missed the shot.

My Audubon Bird Book says the Rose-breasted Grosbeak is one of the most conspicuous birds before the foliage comes out in May. Keep your eyes peeled folks! From the back it just looks like a black bird with white spots.  

Perhaps they are around here all summer and I just don't see them at our feeders, when their diet probably consists primarily of bugs.


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