Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Hummingbird for Every Home!

I have not heard any reports from my friends of hummingbird sightings, although they should be coming in any day now! I saw my first a week ago. I've got several here now, so that means I probably have six or eight individuals so far. The rule of thumb is that however many you can see at one time, multiply the number times four and that's the approximate number of birds you have. Like I mentioned on FB, they are more interested in setting up their territory and catching bugs than in drinking sugar water right now.

Oh, hummingbird, most magical and mysterious creature! Last year with so many here (well over 100), for the first time in my many years of hummer watching, I got a real taste of what I call the "flocking nature" of the hummingbirds. One group would zoom in, hang out for twenty minutes or so, then they were off. Shortly thereafter another totally different group would come in, rest, drink up and catch a few snacks before taking off again like a flock of blackbirds. The flocking behavior became very evident late in the season when all the birds were getting ready to head back south for the winter. I am excited to imagine what mysteries and discoveries might present themselves this year!

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  1. Your hummer paintings are truly elegant. We have hummers here, but you are so lucky to have seen flock behavior last year.


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