Sunday, March 15, 2009

Black Is Beautiful!

The Burlington County Animal Shelter has a great selection of black kitties that need good homes. They've got baby brothers, Joey #1 , Joey #2 and Boo. There are long hairs, short hairs, males, females, youngsters and adults. All are neutered, tested and up to date on shots. One thing's for certain, black is beautiful! (And you won't have to worry about cat hairs showing up on your dark clothes! :-D) Check out all the breathtaking black beauties online today. I bet they'd all make PURR-FECT PETS! View your local shelter pets that are looking for forever homes by going to:

This 5" x 7" oil painting is the third portrait in my "Art For Shelter Animals" series. See more about this on my Spirit Art Blog post for today.


  1. Well done. We have 3 blackies. They are my absolute favorites. Gentle. Very self-sufficient. Live-in, year-round Halloween decorations. :-D

  2. EEEEEe!!!! I LOVE the way you've composed this cutie! You're so talented. Thanks so much for diving right into the deep end on this. Does the Burlingame Shelter know what they have in store for them yet?

  3. Hi Bill & Sheila -
    Thanks for the kudos. A great testimonial for blackies, Bill! Thanks for that.
    And no, Sheila the Burlington County
    Shelter doesn't know just yet. I guess
    I'll email them first and ask them to look at my blog posts and your "art for shelter animals" blog! Mine so far are all oils, so they are not dry enough to take over yet. I'd like to have four to take when I go. Maybe I'll finish another tomorrow! (Gosh there are so many I want to do. Right now it's between a Cocker Spaniel and a white German Shepard.)


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