Sunday, March 29, 2009

Designer Dogs

I asked Lisa form the Burlington County Animal Shelter, to pick out a couple of animals that she would like to see me paint. One of the photos she sent me is this striking female Mastiff -Mix, ID #D-23899. Hybrid dogs, or designer dogs as some call them, like this sleek animal are becoming quite popular. I have a feeling from seeing the photo, that she is part Lab. They even have a name for this hybrid called a Mastador. Look at the beautiful golden eyes on this young sweetie. What a wonderful companion she would make! I will take better photos of her when I visit so I can do a portrait of her that does her justice for the Art For Shelter Animals project. Here is a sketch I did, trying to guess at what her three- quarter profile looks like.


  1. This is sooooooooooo wonderful! I thought it would make a great post for our blog. HUGS!!!!

  2. Sandy she is a beautiful dog - with such a haunting expression! I really like the sketch and look forward to the finished piece. Knowing you, it will be moving and lovely.

    For something really fun, google raven wing studio, then go to cats, then the videos... check out Nora. I have a little kitty crush on her.


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