Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh Wow, Another Award!

OMG! I just got another award from Sheila and Carrie of "Art For Shelter Animals"! That's the second one from them. Boy do I feel special... Thank you so much girls! :-D

Sheila writes, "You are our first recipient of a blog medal from the Art for Shelter Animals site. This is a small token of our great appreciation for the enthusiasm, energy, talent and a little tenacity in dealing with the shelter administration. I wish we could give you a cash prize like the Pulitzer does but maybe in the future. Sandy, your contribution means so much to Carrie and I because we know the time and effort WILL make a difference in the lives of pets begging to find a home. From the bottom of our hearts and the dogs and cats locked up in their cages....
Sheila, Carrie and critters who have a brighter future because of you!"

Shabam!! I hope they realize just how much I appreciate their appreciation!


  1. I wrote. I wish there was more but I'm glad you understand how much we appreciate you as a giving person and as a gifted artist.

  2. Sandy --- Congratulations on your recent awards. I love your new work with animals and the reward is well deseved! --- D

  3. Awe shucks.....Thanks for the Kudos Kids! :-D


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