Sunday, March 8, 2009

Workshop Participant Portraits

Here are photos of the participants of my weekend workshop. College classmate, Nancy Louie, came with her art supplies and extensive photography gear in tow. I should have taken a shot of the studio set up with speedlights, umbrellas and stands. "Nano" is an expert at photographing many things, especially people. With amazing knowledge and impeccable standards, these examples show off Nan's ability to capture the likeness, energy and essence of her subjects.

This is Lee with her lovely painting and her subject.

Carol also has a very successful piece.

This is Nan, taken by me in the Wharton State Forest last Tuesday. (Hard to believe, it was over 70 degrees here today!)

And last but not least, Princess, the Art Director here at The Sandarosa.

More photos and highlights of this "Spirit Art Workshop" coming soon.

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  1. It looks like your students had a very successful workshop. Glad it went well. --- D


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