Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saleena Got Adopted!

I visited my County Animal Shelter today. What a wonderful facility, amazingly lovable pets and great folks. I just know I'm going to enjoy working with them on the "Art For Shelter Animals" project! GREAT NEWS...Ms. Saleena got adopted yesterday! HORRAY!! I took over a hundred photos of some of the beautiful fur babies, so I'll be posting more portraits soon! Here's a photo of Lisa, the shelter manager, with Pretty Boy. What sweethearts they both are! Pretty Boy's ID#25332. A PURR-FECT lap kitty for sure! See Lisa's most recent comment about the project here.


  1. Yea!!!! Great news! Such a pretty cat, and a wonderful painting!

  2. Thanks Liz! YEA!! There are so many other beauties too! I cried when I first saw them all. :- (

  3. Ah Sandy... wonderful news. With all the untold stories of how those pretty kitties and cuddly canines get to the shelter, there is always a bright spot when an adoption like Seleena's occurs.

    How wonderful and bless the shelter is that you'll be helping them in the process. I think the art itself will be a source of joy and a bright light in their daily work challenges in dealing with the never ending flow of homeless animals. Your art will continue to touch, inspire and bring joy to people and animals who need and deserve it in a way they probably never knew they needed. HUGS!!!!


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