Monday, March 30, 2009

Stunning Saleena - Shelter Pet # 5

The Director of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, Lisa Cliver, sent me a couple of animals she would like to have me paint for our "Art For Shelter Animals" project. I call this beautiful young short hair calico ID# C-25478, Ms. Saleena. I don't know why, the name just came to me while I was working on her portrait. You can be assured that she is very special indeed, if Lisa picked her out of all the others to feature! I am looking forward to meeting both her and Lisa soon!

I am showing you the first step of this painting where I wet both the front and back of my 140 lb. Arches cold press paper, leaving only the cat's silhouette dry. After painting in the background (very wet-in-wet), I paint in the eyes, because if the eyes aren't right, there's no sense in continuing. The eyes are the windows of the spirit and soul and can make or break a portrait. Better to just start over if they are not right when you are working in watercolor!


  1. Oh my goodness Sandy. This is beautiful! Lisa is going to be blown away with Saleena. I love the way you rendered her tender ears and her sweet eyes. You are truly gifted with your art and we are blessed with your generosity.
    HUGS!! This awesome painting is already gracing our Blog. Thank you again.

  2. Beautiful, Sandy! Such a sweet expression, and I love the way you painted the background, too.


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