Monday, March 30, 2009

Stunning Saleena - Shelter Pet # 5

The Director of the Burlington County Animal Shelter, Lisa Cliver, sent me a couple of animals she would like to have me paint for our "Art For Shelter Animals" project. I call this beautiful young short hair calico ID# C-25478, Ms. Saleena. I don't know why, the name just came to me while I was working on her portrait. You can be assured that she is very special indeed, if Lisa picked her out of all the others to feature! I am looking forward to meeting both her and Lisa soon!

I am showing you the first step of this painting where I wet both the front and back of my 140 lb. Arches cold press paper, leaving only the cat's silhouette dry. After painting in the background (very wet-in-wet), I paint in the eyes, because if the eyes aren't right, there's no sense in continuing. The eyes are the windows of the spirit and soul and can make or break a portrait. Better to just start over if they are not right when you are working in watercolor!